the wines of big table farm

- we produce pinot noir, chardonnay, and a little riesling and pinot gris -


2015 Big Table Farm Chardonnay

2015 Chardonnay

950 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered
label - big table farm honey bee

Sourced from the same 6 Willamette valley vineyards as 2014, barrel fermented in French oak (about 10% new) with yeast that blew in the door.  We bottled after 11 months of aging without filtration or fining.  We think this wine will steal your heart, it has a special place in ours.

tasting notes-
Serious smoky mineral aroma with a savory lees balancing the fruit. There is a butter cream and lemon custard aroma blending in with the subtle suggestion of sandalwood and cinnamon spice that suggests the palate will feel rich and broad.  On the palate the weight and flavors are indeed rich but there is great acid tension and tannic grip to the finish that holds everything tight creating a dry, fresh, and mouthwatering finish.

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2015 Big Table Farm Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

2015 Willamette Valley Pinot noir

2393 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered
label - Kirby and Pickle of big table farm

This wine is a true representation of the northern Willamette valley as all 8 pinot sites I work with end up in this bottling, from south of Salem to north of Forest Grove.  It would be arrogant of me to think I could predict which fruit will turn into the best wine so I treat all with equal diligence.  I think this approach makes this bottling different but on par with our vineyard designates – it is more affordable because we make a lot more of it, but it gets the same care and handling as the rest of the wines.

tasting notes-
This wine is very expressive of smoky espresso, cacao, raspberry, pomegranate, rose petals, and graham cracker.  The fruit on the palate is juicy in a refreshing kind of way with playful dusty tannins.   There is an easiness to the way the wine drinks that is soothing and comfortable like the way your favorite old pair of leather boots feel on your feet.

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2015 Big Table Farm Pelos Sandberg Pinot Noir

2015 Pelos Sandberg Pinot noir

202 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered
label - Don's 3 n’ 1

Year in and year out the wine that comes from Don Sandberg’s hard work in the vineyard is always delicious and 2015 is no exception.  As the vineyard matures its’ wines continue to develop even more complexity and depth, with 2015 at the forefront.  While this wine still has the fruit it also shows more tension, tannin and acidity to balance the fruit, potentially a more age worthy PSV than past vintages by my hand.

tasting notes-
Juicy carbonic nose of strawberry and bing cherry, rose petal, forest floor, mushroom, cinnamon.  The wine is heady, in that the flavors don’t sit on the palate, they vaporize directly into your nasal cavity like perfume leaving very little weight behind.  The structure here is focused around its acid, which is bright and fresh, and the tannins completely melted and nearly imperceptible. The finish is unique in that you really get the sense that smell is really how we are able to perceive flavor, meaning that the wine doesn’t persist on the tongue, it persists for minutes long finish that you continue to smell through the vaporous feeling of the wine on the palate.

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2015 Big Table Farm Queen Chardonnay

2015 The Elusive Queen Chardonnay

109 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered

Beautiful notes of mandarin orange lead gently into a elegant austere palate, there is a rounded delicate fruit component to this wine, not from sugar but from what feels like great purity of fruit and less yeasty savory flavors. Flavors of lime zest, hay, sea salt, vanilla bean give way to the persistent mineral and river rock expression coming from the vineyard. The finish is incredibly elegant, liquid, with just a touch of crunchy acidity and lingering stony minerality.

The Elusive Queen is a different wine than the Willamette Valley Chardonnay, its character reflecting her name with less hedonism than her counterpart.

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2015 Big Table Farm Earth Pinot Noir

2015 Earth Pinot noir

107 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered

Balsam wood, boysenberry, black cherry, chocolate ganache, walnuts, black pepper. All of the wine components are playing in equal volume. There is impeccable balance in this wine, nothing sticks out, no edges or elbows, just everything moving across the palate in the same direction. The wine has a liquor like concentration on the palate and is the focus of the wine, with persistent sapid fruit on the very long finish. The concentrated and structured nature of this wine will make it rewarding on day two or with decanting.

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2016 Laughing Pig Rose

2016 Laughing Pig Rosé

129 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered

We made the 2016 rose with a Saigné that was placed on top of an equal amount of fruit and allowed to soak and slowly start to ferment for several days. This was then pressed and transferred to neutral barrels. As we have always done, the 2016 LPR was fermented to dryness with malolatic complete and bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The 2016 vintage was almost a repeat of 14 and 15 but with a smaller crop load – smaller berries and clusters meant less saigné (bleeding of the red wine ferments to concentrate flavors) was needed so consequently we made significantly less rosé. This wine has energy and nerve beyond belief, red raspberry and floral on the nose and into the palette that continues for seemingly forever. Only 129 cases bottled and I am reserving a couple to keep me company in the garden throughout the summer.

tasting notes-
The color of this rose is particularly dark and beautiful with a great balance of lush fruit and a little spice which leads you into a rich mouth feel. A beautiful and balanced wine! Due to its process being more “old world” in style this wine will continue to evolve like a well made white wine.

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2015 Wirtz Edelzwicker

299 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered
label - pear blossoms from Wirtz Vineyard

Similar to the 2014 and still from the same 'old vine' blocks of Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris at the Wirtz vineyard, gives the wine a warm spice to go with all the floral and fruit components.

Barrel fermented in neutral oak to dryness and malolactic complete, and per usual, bottled without any filtration or fining.

tasting notes-
Opaque, medium lemon color. This wine opens up showing the Gewurztraminer, white tea, lemon tart candies, lychee and straw and the first notes. The palate is viscous with chalky tannins helping to focus the wines texture. The finish has a profound energy that feeds off the mineral sensation. The acid is balanced by the weight of Pinot Gris that carries through the whole palate.

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2015 Big Table Farm Wirtz Edelzwicker

2015 Laughing Pig Rosé

480 cases produced
unfined and unfiltered
$28 (inquire for availablilty)
alc 14.3%

The 2015 Laughing Pig Rosé has notes of strawberry and spice on the nose. The mid -palate has a perfectly balanced weight of cherry pie and a bit of umami, which is followed by a zing of acidity that waters the mouth ready for another sip or whatever food is at hand. Versatility is the name.

We made the 2015 rosé with a Saigné that was placed on top of an equal amount of whole cluster fruit and allowed to soak and slowly start to ferment for several days. This was then pressed and transferred to neutral barrels. As we have always done, the 2015 LPR was fermented to dryness with malolatic complete and bottled unfined and unfiltered. 

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2013 Syrah - Rogue Valley, OR

label – big table farm flatware

Prominent bacon aromatics, grilled meat, blueberries, camp fire, and a touch of violet. There is ample acidity, which is refreshing and keeps the density of the aromatics lighter and the flavors more fruit oriented. The structure is soft and dusty, allowing for early consumption.

This wine will continue to open and give on day two (and even three)! It will age gracefully for many years. unfined and unfiltered

2013 Big Table Farm Syrah

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Big Table Labels.jpeg

Our Labels

The labels on our wines are made by hand using a letterpress and thick printmaking paper. When you hold a bottle of our wine, you'll notice our labels are much thicker; this is because of the printmaking process we use. 

After the labels are cut, we hand apply each one. Then our bottles are carefully wrapped in tissue to preserve the paper's texture and beauty. While very labor-intensive, this makes for an elegant package that not only befits its contents but also produces less waste than traditional label printing.

The art is drawn by Clare and inspired by our life here at Big Table Farm, which is why all the labels feature a farm tool or an animal from the farm. The art on the labels are unique to each vintage.