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Big Table Farm Oregon Winery

In 2006 we moved to Oregon from Napa, where Brian had been working in wine for ten years. We started with a dream and made our first 150 cases in 2006.

This Oregon adventure is inspired by our desire to grow grapes, make wine, and to have space for all of Clare’s animals and Brian’s projects.

We named our farm and winery after our goal to provide a gracious and welcoming table for ourselves and friends, with a cornucopia of hand-crafted food and wine.

And now, just over ten years after we took the leap, we have developed this land into a working farm and built a barn and winery. We feel lucky to live here and we are still in awe and deeply grateful for the chance to build this dream and share it with you!


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Our 2019 Spring Release

Greetings from ALL at Big Table Farm!
Happy spring! We are anxiously awaiting spring as are all the animals who want out of the barn and onto the pasture. We have some terrific new wines from 2017 to offer – our eagerly anticipated 2017 Willamette Valley Pinot noir, the NEW Wild Bee Chardonnay and of course the Pelos Sandberg Pinot Noir and the much anticipated '16 Syrah! ...continue reading


Big Table Farm Converts Smoke into Biochar!